Thursday, July 15, 2010

At ease - finally..

What do you feel when you have something to say that can change others way of thinking and feelings on you? It is not necessarily a change for good for some but might be great news for others - it depends on which side they are. But here I want to talk about people who most probably will not understand and will not want to accept the things you’ll say. Do you still have the guts to tell them? Will you be able to handle the reaction you'll get? What’s left for you after that? Whatever it is, I always believe that to stay true to yourself is the key. One person amazingly can keep their mouth shut - sometimes forever, from telling the most important things in their life to other people who are usually the closest one to them. Why? I think because of the strong feeling of love, respect, responsibility, cares and extremely afraid of losing what they are having now. It makes sense though. Why want to risk everything that you have for something that you're not sure? Are you losing your mind?? Again, stay true to yourself because that is the best gift you can give to yourself. Being happy in front of others and ignore what your heart feels might help...but only for a while. Tell the truth so you will have some peace in your life. Does it worth to do? Neither of us knows. You will only get the answer until the moment you actually let it out from your thing for sure, you will be relief. Good luck to everyone who are having the same dilemma as I am before..

P/S: I am Who I am...

Sarah Delia

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